Have you ever done a “Contemplation meditation”?

This morning I invited people over to meditate with me at my house. Just an open invitation, and no one came. Haha.

It was just me and my dog, and I decided to do a guided meditation from my App ” Insight timer”. I had all the time of the world so I challenged myself to do an hour-long Meditation. This meditation was so new and different that I feel the need to share it with all of you.

From a short standing meditation, to concentrate on my breath and activating heat in the soles of my feet, I was invited to sit in a comfortable straight up meditation position. Focus on just breathing for a while. Breathing in and slowly breathing out, making a note of the rising and falling of your abdomen. Rising, falling, rising, falling. Just know it, and note it, and bring your attention to your breath. Check-in with your mind for a second, where is your mind? And bring back your concentration to your breath again and calm down, close your eyes to go more inwards after.

This is a concentration meditation on 5 outer objects.

1) Concentrate on your hair, on top of your head ( honestly??? Yes, just do it..)

Try to see your hair, know your hair, the color, the length, the structure. Try to see how it grows out of your skin, how you wash it, brush it, know your hair. Try to see how your hair always changes, your hair when you were young, your hair as you grow old, grey hair maybe, less hair, it changes every day.

You have to take care of it, it’s growing, if you want it or not, it just does. Contemplate your hair.

2) Slowly move your attention to your eyebrows. Try to see your eyebrows, or just know your eyebrows. The color, the shape. Eyebrows, eyebrows. And know how the hair grows out of the skin.

And go to your eye-lashes. Notice how it grows out of your eye-lit. Know your hair around your eyes. Try to see it from the inside, contemplate your own body. Your true nature, always changing.

3)Move slowly to your mouth. Know your mouth, especially¬†your teeth. Notice how your teeth grow out of your gum. The color of your gum, the color of your teeth. Your teeth and gum are changing too. As a child you lost your first teeth and maybe you will loose the second teeth too or maybe you’ll need treatment, have pain. Our teeth help us chewing our food and digesting it. Know your teeth, see your teeth and breath.

You have to take care of them, brush them, clean them. They change permanently. They are also not permanent. No control, it’s part of our true nature to loose our teeth. Know your teeth and be grateful.

4) Now slowly go with your attention to your neck, arms, hands, fingers and to your nails. Your finger nails. See them and know your finger nails. Notice how they feel, what they look like, their shape, color, where the skin ends and where the hard nail begins.

Your nails change, they grow, dirt collects under your nails, you have to take care of your nails, cut them, and clean them. They change, whether you want to or not. They do.

Sitting criss cross, slowly walk down to your feet and to your toe nails. from toe to toe. Know your toe nails. see them, know them. Know how they grow out of the skin, different than the finger nails, harder, bigger. You have to take care of them too. Know your toe nails, see them.

Be aware of your sitting position. Contemplate your body, your changing body, it’s true nature. It is born, it changes every day and it will die one day. That’s what the body does.

5) Now concentrate or bring your attention to your skin. Your skin, yes your skin. It covers the soles of your feet, your legs and know how the skin covers your upper legs, your lower body, your upper body, shoulders, neck, arms, elbows, hands, fingers. Skin, skin, always changing, your whole body covered by your skin. Used to be soft and smooth and now it’s growing old and maybe showing some wrinkles, it changes every day.

You have to take care of your skin, wash it ( sweat, smell) clean it, it get’s dirty every day, that’s what your skin does, it’s true nature. Notice the importance of your skin to your body.

So, we first focussed on our breath to concentrate and calm our minds, and we started contemplating the 5 outer objects of our bodies growing, our true nature, no control, just noticing, healing and clear. If you practice this meditation more often you might see the Impermanence of you and your body very clear, a true wisdom. This is part of the first and most important practices of the Monks.

And a last wisdom to share:

  • I have a body, but I’m not my body.
  • I have a mind, but I’m not my mind.
  • I have emotion, but I’m not my emotions.




Talking about loss

The whole news about the school in Connecticut makes me shiver. I don’t have the right words but watching the tv I start crying almost right away.
I told my kids about what happened. I somehow felt the need to hug them and observe them more closely. I am aware of warm greetings and positive communication. I love them so much. Thinking about the parents who lost their children. I will do metta meditation for them.
I have to say that talking about this with my husband was good to. It showed me the difference between man and women. He was angry and I was sad. Another energy but both ok.

Thinking about stupid guns. Grieving about a loss provoked by fear. Wish they would do something about this law. Mis Europe a little today.


Love this

Walking on the beach relaxes me and is so comforting to me.

Alone, with others or with my dog. The sounds of the waves and the wind in my hair. I know that one day I will live close to the sea and walk on the beach every morning to drink coffee afterwards.

Coaching on the beach is my goal, perfect. Walking and talking. I used to do walking and talking with my clients in the Netherlands on the moor.

Making them aware again of how enjoying nature can help you in difficult times or make good times even better.

Next year on Martha’s Vineyard I will organize some sort of Weekend Retreat with walking and talking, yoga, meditation, mindful eating and no mobile phones allowed of course.