Stop thinking too much, action first!

This is my new motto. Recently I’ve noticed that the last year has been a lot about the “Big Transition” of going home to the Netherlands and about “thinking” about my personal, professional options back home.
Of course I will continue my Coaching practice, I’m curious about my options of getting back my registration as a nurse, I want to start my own Meditation group ( Sangha), and use my MBSR skills.

Now I need me to kick my own butt to actually do so. To practice what I preach. To take the first steps towards my goals. To get some movement. Out of my head, into actual life.

Apart from my role as a mom, which still takes the most of my time in the Afternoons , I am actively reaching out to get started in the Mornings. I am making blind calls and committing to several groups and networking like crazy. Some actions lead to hardly anything and some do. The most important thing I promised myself, is not to get disappointed to easily. Just to get and keep going. Reflecting and learning from every step, sometimes the hard way.

The whole process is fun and energetic and a little lonely at times too. I pat myself on my back sometimes and just tell my husband about my process without expectations. Not too much talking or more feedback. It’s learning by action and failure now. Life begins at the end of your comfort-zone!

It makes me very aware of how I spend my money too. I can invest in one meeting and not go spending or wasting it by buying cloths or useless things.

I hope it may inspire others too. No pity. Kill and attack! Taking responsibility for my own happiness .



My Mindfulness based stress reduction

Yes, I’m so excited! I signed up for a 5 Day program of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at te University of Massachusetts Medical School and I am actually admitted. I’ve just been informed.
This MBSR program was founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn. People who learned to practice mindfulness report increased awareness and concentration, and the ability, to cope more effectively with stress, illness and other forms of suffering.
I’m looking forward to have 5 days of education and practice. I can look forward only to just driving my car on my own the first day, ready to meet new interesting people and just listening to the teachers. I love listening. I like reading and writing but listening is really relaxing to me. Especially on health-related topics like this. The Nurse in me is still very alive I guess.
MBSR is a complement to medical treatment. Wouldn’t it be great if I could help others with MBSR tools to reduce some of the pain?