To share or not to share, that’s the question!

Personally I’d like to share everything going on in my life. Sharing gives me a feeling of being connected to others in a way.

This week I noticed three things:

First I felt a strong difference in sharing things in a one on one conversation or by writing things down. In writing things down it’s sometimes hard to explain yourself. You also cannot check to see if people really understand what you mean. Writing things down makes it very definite. Once written it’s almost as if you cannot take it back. If you keep your thoughts to yourself it seems easier.

The second thing is sharing by talking Dutch or talking English. Dutch is my first Language.
Explaining your feelings can be difficult in your own language but is even more difficult in another language. It is less spontaneous and it makes me feel miserable listening to myself.

Last but not least there is the part of making yourself vulnerable by sharing your feelings. Although I feel it’s important for me I feel more and more that sharing can make things more complicated and annoying.

I love the sharing we do in my meditation practice. We sit first for 20 minutes. We do some walking meditation and we read out aloud together. After this reading we share. We share but we do not respond to each other. We keep it confidential and you can talk as long as you need. I love it. No advice, no comforting arms, just people listening and respecting your feelings. There is a deep connection without a conversation. Just eyes and ears, that’s all you need. I made a resolution to myself today not to talk so much but to listen more.

This picture is a piece of art I really liked. Made not by me. It looks like my head full of thoughts! They want to come out.





Look me in the eye and tell me what you’re really thinking. I love faces, young and old, looks in general and images.

As a Life Coach using NLP I am thinking of the contact-contract part to get Rapport. This part is about active listening and reading the client. It is about observing and reflecting too. I love this part of coaching. It is the difference between assuming and checking with your client. Feeling the energy between you and the client and awareness of what is happening with that energy.

It is about your gut feeling and intuition. My intuition has always played a major role in my life. As a Nurse and as a Mom and as a Coach too. Noticing changes and listening to your heart. Not acting on it but checking whether what I’m thinking or feeling is right.

I think listening to my heart made my life easier for sure. Less complex and less non issues.