Interviews with Post Graduates

From now on, I will use my Blog to interview people. This to get more inside information and really get a good picture of the way people make their choices these days.

I will have certain returning questions on specific topics. Topics like :work/ careerpath, relations/dating, family and picking your family, social life/ media, money/ financial foundation, health, kids/ fertility, cohabitation/ habitation and spirituality!

Looking forward to it. Meeting all these people and learning from their experiences.

To be continued!!



Dilemma’s at Thirty

2014-07-27 16.32.14

While still busy settling down in my new house, I’m also looking forward. In a week my kids will go back to school again. I am sad to say I had to let go of my old labrador Pluk. So, I will have lot’s of time and energy and no more excuses not to go find myself a proper job!

Right now I’m exploring my options:

– Volunteering for the time being ( several kinds of organizations)

– get some extra education ( I love all kinds of new education)

– I signed up for a BIG-test,to get reregistered as a nurse ( Who knows?)

– Reading about Dilemma’s at Thirty

– Sharing my thoughts with people on how to get new coaching clients.

– I have updated all my social media (linked in , Facebook, twitter, WordPress)

– I’ve bought a new Agenda
– Last but not least, I ordered updated cards at Vistaprint.

The next step is practicing what I preach! Take it step by step and celebrate every step getting me closer to my goal!