Run Forest run!

This morning I ran more than 6 miles! Before I started I promised myself to do at least two rounds around the reservoir. And I did!
Running for me is a constant discussion with my inner critic. Before running my Inner Critic tells me to run or I will put on weight. If I would not listen to it I know I can not enjoy eating or sit relaxed without feeling a little guilty or fat. It is not extreme so there are days I do not listen. But if I do, I challenge myself to set a goal before  I start running.
If I forget to set a goal I have a nagging Inner Critic asking me why not to walk instead and eat less anyway. And if I do set a goal I always reach it. I am very disciplined but not competitive. No marathon for me.
I tried running with music but that’s not my thing. I love listening to the sounds of nature and my own breath. Like meditation. The rhythm of my breath and running mindful¬†makes me relaxed, balanced and grateful of my healthy body. Every time again.