Walk and talk with me!

Change your perspective on your life in only one morning! Walk and talk with me.

Every time we’ll start walking with “setting an intention for walking” first. Where are you now and what is your goal. By visualizing A and B we start walking.

What is keeping you from getting there?

Maybe you just need new shoes or new glasses to see it more clear, or  too much people in your way or distracting you?

We’ll try walking backwards or sideward and playing with everything on our way. Maybe even jumping? Getting out of your comfort zone! And having fun outside in a healthy environment.

While walking I will coach you and make you aware of your personal power to get out of your misery!

One on one or in a group of max. 5 people I will demonstrate the power of mindfulness, NLP, visualizing and decision-making.

Tell everyone about walking with Barbara in Brookline (Hammertime Coaching).

It will be a fun, energizing and an in lightning experience!!