Meditation and Mindfulness practice

After reading about mindfulness by Sarah Napthali and Thich Nath Hahn, I practiced mindfulness every day. It really helps me to keep both feet on the ground and walk slowly, breath deeply and to make healthy choices in my life. I can not change others but I can change the way I choose to live. I can not change the situation, but I can change the way I look at it, or the way I think about about it. Mindfulness empowers and inspires me every day.

I breath more mindful during my yoga. I eat more mindful with my family. I walk mindful too since I broke my leg 3 years ago and had to recover. So much more aware and grateful of my healthy perfect functioning body. It helps me to handle stress too, just knowing that bad feelings don’t last forever. Don’t push the feelings away but just feel it and breath. It works for me. It’s a good practice.

Since 2 years I have joined the Washington Sq Sangha for parents in Brookline, MA. This is more than just a meditation practice. We practice mindfulness by meditating, reading and sharing. I love it.

I recently (01/2014) had a MBSR training by UMASS in Norwood, MA. It was a 5 day program about the tools of Mindfulness. Since last year I started my own Sangha . We meet every week at 9 am at my house at Hartenstraat 21 to Meditate and practice Mindfulness. You’re welcome to join us, for free.

This summer I will organize Meditations at the beach (Ijmuiden aan Zee). Info@ 06-31684544


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