My Happiness project

Today I will write about one of my favorite books: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. This is a book I found surprisingly funny and practical. I love reading self-help books but this one was different. It is written in a very personal way and I believed every word and all her stories, like I was there with her when it al happened. Gretchen made me think it does not have to be hard to actually make some changes in your life.

Why do I write about this, today? Because I really think everyone should read this just for fun and realize afterwards how much enlightening it is, even years later.

In life today I work on my habits and my life is all about little positive projects. Today I promised myself to work on two projects. One is “action first” and actually do things without fear of failure. The other one is my relationship with my 3 sisters. I love them like crazy. I think we all have become a little to serious and cautious with each other. I want to allow myself and my sisters to make more fun and mistakes. Maybe we don’t agree or have different opinions and goals in life, but I want to be me when we meet and I think they can be free too. Free to experiment and be honest, and not hurt each other on purpose. We’ll be just fine, different and crazy like our parents. Maybe even exaggerate and make fun of ourselves, like in comics or theatre.

Next month a new project! Just for the fun of actively being aware of the little changes you can make.



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