You want happy ending?

I know, this sounds weird. I love weird. The reason why I start my blog with these words, is my true love for and deep commitment to take care of happy endings. For me and for my clients, friends, and family.

I’m thinking about the divorce ritual I’ve been writing about in an earlier blog. Because I belief that ending a marriage does not have to be only a negative thing. We’ve had a great Farewell-party  Yesterday. My husband has a new job, and he made a great speech for his former colleagues. They had a great speech for him too. I was so grateful for this positive experience.

Last week, I also had a follow-up conversation with one of my first clients. She wanted to meet up, to tell me how good she was doing. Grateful again en happy to celebrate with her.

Last night I had a short conversation with a friend about a very negative “exit experience” she’s had, and how this still influences her life in a major way. I feel like there is a lot you can win by even doing constellations or maybe a kind of ritual. Sometimes you cannot change what happened but you can change the way you think about what happened. Like a decision. A decision to acknowledge the hurt or the pain and to let go..and move on.

And last but not least, rituals about sickness and death. The importance of a nice personal ceremony at the funeral or even the freedom or possibility  to just be with a sick person.

I am sure I can be of great use to help people with this.  Not only my experiences as a Nurse, but also my Mindfulness practice at the Sangha, made me very aware of all the things you can do to create Happy Endings. Just share this knowledge, and reach out to me.2012-11-14 09.22.55



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