200 % Coach

This post is about a big decision I’ve made last week. Trying to get reregistered as a Nurse is no longer an interesting option for me. I have decided to not waste more negative energy on getting back. I want to use my positive energy on Coaching and Mindfulness only!

I have spent several months now calling people and reading online about my options of getting back my registration, but it’s not a good time right now. The Government has decided to cut back on Nurses and a lot of Hospitals have to let go of good nurses instead of hiring new ones. So I am the last person on their list to invest in right now.

So, my image of me working as a part-time Coach and as a part-time Nurse is no longer interesting. What are the consequences of this insight, this decision?

This is a good thing. I feel more relief than regret. There is some disbelief and disappointment too. I will of course meditate on that, haha. And most of all I feel a strong kind of direction. Now it’s clear. I have investigated it and this is my perfect permission to only focus on Coaching. No distractions. No excuses. I can give my full 200% of me to my Hammertime Coaching Amsterdam. With some volunteering on the side.

It’s funny because the whole thing about getting my registration as a nurse back, was to me like “getting a Safety Net”. Like having a back up.
Now I will just take the big Dive again, Dive into the water, trusting me and my skills, and getting better by doing it and maybe failing sometimes. WTF.

So, I did  unsubscribe myself for the theoretical test I was about to do in December and I was lucky to get all my money back! Yes! That felt like I had just made some Money, just by making this decision. Good. 2013-10-14 18.07.51


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