First of all, we have found ourselves a new house and because we have this house in the that area, we have a school for the kids too! What a relief!

This month the whole subject of “Home” and being Homeless” has been in my mind a lot. This was not the first time being or feeling homeless. I have talked about it a lot. Feeling home is not the same as having a house. What is Home? What makes me feel at home. What does home look like to me. How does it sound, smell or even more, who, or what makes me feel home?

Thinking about this, several things came to my mind. Home to me is where my friends and family are. The feeling of being able or having at least the option to talk to them, or visit them ,if needed. Home is where they speak Dutch, where I can talk my native language when I’m feeling vulnerable, where I can walk or drive around just knowing the area. Home is where my dog is, sleeping on the floor, breathing deeply and calm. Home is where I listen to my radio, write, read or paint. Home is where I can be perfectly imperfect, just me with my ups and downs. Home to me, is where there is freedom, no rules but our own. Home is where we sleep, eat, drink, laugh, cry, have sex and relax. Home is where we (me, my husband and kids) grow.

In the mindfulness meditation there is the mantra “I have arrived (breathing in), I am Home (breathing out)”.

In one conversation with a friend, we talked about how alcohol or drug abuse is like not being home to yourself, about disconnecting to yourself. I love drinking my glass of wine, and it’s good to be aware of not drinking too much, to be home to myself and connected to my needs and feelings. So, my intention for me and my family in our new (temporary) home is, to be very aware of what makes a home to us.

Here is a lovely poem (by Jeff Rushton) I’d love to share:

  • Home is not a place or time
  • Home can be your friends, your hobbies, your past-times.
  • Home is where your life is at complete ease,
  • where you can go to receive comfort and relief.
  • Home is a feeling, a passion, an aid for your grief.
  • Home is the feeling you never want to leave.
  • Home can come and go depending on your need.
  • Home is the happiness that keeps us at peace. Home is always there as long as you believe.

So most of all,  just stay home to yourself! Connected to yourself and home will be, where you are!!



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