Back to my roots

This last few months have been al about patience, and now I’m happy to say it al worked out the way I hoped it would! In 2 months we’ll be moving back to Amsterdam! I’m so happy, I feel like I’m in love, with all the same symptoms. I’m laughing all day and crying all of a sudden, sure about everything and insecure about the weirdest things. I’m looking good and the have energy to do everything! At the same time I feel it could be over soon, afraid of what might go wrong. We have no new home yet or a school for the kids, so I have no clear image of what the future looks like. 

All I know is that I will be riding my bike soon, in a very crowded city I love, close to friends and family, drinking alcohol in public areas and eating food I like much more, in an atmosphere I love with weird, funny and funky dressed, different people, with even more weird inappropriate behavior, just because in the Netherlands no one lives by the rules…..

The last 3 years have been one big awesome adventure for me and my family. I have made some very cool, nice friendships and feel sad about ending it and in the same time I feel grateful about having this experience and the fact that we are all in a great place going to a great place. 

And it is Spring! Finally. Great timing. Happy beginnings and happy endings! 



One thought on “Back to my roots

  1. En zo is het! Fijn Haam dat je weer terugkomt. Ik kik ernaar uit

    Liefs Kris

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    > Op 11 apr. 2014 om 22:49 heeft “Kind & Clear Coaching” het volgende geschreven:

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