So not judgmental

Yes, I admit, I used to be and yes I still am, a person with a lot of judgment about a lot of things. Not saying I’m proud of it, but I am what I am.

In 2009 I had decided to not be so judgmental anymore. A Life Coach should have no judgement, right?
I should have more compassion and need to discover how it feels to “not”  have arguments and discussions about everything that pops up in my mind.

Funny thing is that people noticed. Most of them seemed to see a positive change and a new,mild, me.
Others thought I became boring and too serious. Having less opinion.

I’d like to think of myself as a person who does not care so much what other people think, but I have to admit that I have noticed changes too. Both positive and negative actually.

First of all, while practicing mindfulness, I noticed that I can have the intension to be non- judgmental but in fact I still had the same thoughts and observations, I just did not share it anymore! For me that’s a lot, because I’m a very sharing person.

Good thing is that i definitely had less conflicts, but in the same time my life became not only a little boring, I seemed to have lost some fire too. A curiosity about other people’s opinions and to be honest, I became very judgmental of everyone who did have a strong opinion and judgement. Weird.

Secondly, people who seemed to like me, liked the new me. I felt like I was sheeting, hiding my dark side. A side which I personally think is a fun and very alive side of me. I was definitely laughing much more when I was a little provocative and honest.

And third reason for me to allow myself some judgement and opinion back in my life, is that I seem to like and attract more fun and funky people.

What I learned in the last 4+ years?
– It is “the way I say it” .
– I will be more aware though “who” I share it with!
– Sharing is important to me.

What’s wrong with a little discussion every once in a while? It’s a little scary and don’t want to hurt people, but choose to life my life without fear again. Tell me if I’m wrong!



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