Live by the rules?

This morning I was walking at Leverett Pond and Jamaica Pond. The sun was shining and the pond was frozen. Beautiful and peaceful but something was seriously missing.

I did not get it right away, but after a while I imagined people skating and the smell of soup and hot chocolate milk…..nothing. In The Netherlands people start skating right away.  It may be safe or not, but someone is always first to try the ice. People here are not allowed to go skating. There are signs warning you and telling you not to go skating, it’s not safe!

All I could think of was: the ice is by far the thickest ice I have seen, it’s still freezing here, perfect conditions for perfect skating, what would happen if you would do it?, I want to do it, if I didn’t have kids I would, would people call the police if they saw you on the ice?, would you get fined?, or even get arrested?, I want to try, my skates are rusty, all excuses, I have become such a pussy, why are college kid’s not trying this?, what’s their excuse?, no one is trying, they don’t even know what they are missing, the police and the government are so well-respected that people lose their inner child, all out of fear of the fact that something might happen and who will be the one to blame or pay for it?

I have spent an hour walking and just thinking about the American culture of extreme regulations and safety. I feel trapped in this, in my personal opinion over regulated system! If it wasn’t for my kids I would go home and skate on that pond just because it’s perfect and because I want to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest. But I have kids, and I have become a pussy who will obey. Most of the time.

And just fantasizing about is was a pleasure by itself. Thinking of Giethoorn (NL) and skating on the Loosdrechtse plassen (NL). In the Netherlands the farmers would profit from it allowing people to park their cars on their properties, or people profit from it by selling drinks and food to everyone on the ice. I love it. Maybe not doing everything by the rules but no one cares because there is Ice!!! You’ve got to be fast and creative. Living on the edge, out of the comfort zone, just following your heart and live to the fullest!



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