Mind mapping for more personal growth!

Every once in a while, I make a mind map to ease my mind. Apart from the fact that there are always a hundred thoughts and without any structure yet, I need this mind mapping to feel a sense of direction and purpose in my life.

This morning I was meeting for coffee with a few friends, and I noticed how I felt restless and distracted, not really connecting. Not because of them but mostly because of me. My mind was wondering off and I felt tense in my neck. That’s when I know it’s time to make a new Mind map.

I used to do this in my head, or on a sticky note. Now I like to use my Mind map app. First I looked at my old one. I’d like to do this every 4 months or so. I made this Mind map in November 2013. And it’s not relevant anymore. Things have changed again. A lot actually. This whole moment of looking back at my old map is fun by it-self. You feel you’ve moved on.

So what’s different and what’s in my mind today and in the next few months of my life. I force myself not to look too far ahead since things will change over time and I’d like to think baby-steps and about what I can do today!So, what’s on my mind, what’s important and taking most of my time in my head?

After looking back at my old map, I will think ahead about my new map. This map is about spring 2014. Most of all this map is about my personal growth. That’s the big topic. It’s always been. It’s not about my private life, more work related. Although those are connected of course.

After brainstorming and writing down the major topics, I’ll try to prioritize them. Organize them, give it a helicopter view. No judgement allowed, just writing and erasing. By doing so I always feel calmer already, like I’m taking control of my chaotic, creative mind and I am. I consiously choose what matters to me today. No one will do this for me. It’s something only I can do.

After prioritizing, I’ll start asking myself what my next step could be. What can I do today, tomorrow or next week to work on it, to get closer to what I want in life. Be as concrete as possible. Who can you call, ask for an informational interview, meet up with, ask for more specific information, what can do or buy, what do you need, make a budget?

In “the Success team”, by Kathe Shaw-Basett, we actually agreed to say these things out loud and to have one person to call you later and ask you how it worked out. Did you do what you planned to do and if so, how did it go. Again no judgement, just being supportive and listening.

And you need to create some sort of Time-line of course, to make it more visually clear. It’s so relaxing to have a clear vision of the first few weeks coming up next in your life.

And then you just sit back, look at it and let it sink in a little more. This is the best part. To have a sense of purpose and direction, just for you, just for me, just for personal growth.

Good luck and let me know if you need help, I’d love to help you.


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