My Art as a gift.

Yesterday we had a great Diner-party at a friend’s house.  It sure took them a lot of effort to organize the whole thing and it was definitely worth it. She was stressed all month about the combination of guests, the tables and the look/ atmosphere  of the house.

I felt like doing something or giving something personal to my friends in return,  so I wrapped up one of my recent art-works and I gave it to them.  In a short speech I talked about how I appreciate our friendship, their personalities and for bringing us all (18 people) together. They loved it and it gave a special touch to the evening. It was a large painting (acrylic on canvas) with two bare feet on it. Simple, abstract and playful. I told them this piece had been hanging in my living room for a while, since I had finished it. First it seemed like a little too simple, weird or even not good enough painting, but after while it did grow on us and we all started liking it. I allowed myself not to be too judgmental about my skill to paint and create. Our friendship with them has grown too. Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight but now we have a really wonderful friendship.

Giving this piece of Art,  made me realize that I gave a lot of nice Art, as a gift to the people I appreciate or are important to me somehow.

  • The first important piece was a large painting with a big pig on it, with a fun poem in it. A Dutch poem about being lazy. I gave it to my co-workers in the Children’s Hospital,on the day I left. As a token of my appreciation. I have been told the painting is it’s still there. The topic of laziness was a perfect fit for all the adolescence patients they take care of on this special ward of the Hospital.
  • I gave a painting to my Boss once. A Painting of our team of nurses. He liked it so much he even asked me if they could use it for the cover of a book about the Children’s Hospital. I was honored, of course. ( see the picture below)
  • I also gave a painting to a few friends at birthday’s or just for fun.
  • The painting with the  Silly feet was the one I gave to my friends Yesterday.

The whole part of giving it is one thing, but there is also the thing about giving something I have put some personal effort into making it and enjoyed doing it. There is a moment of actually feeling vulnerable a little while they unwrap the paper….. what if they don’t like it? Really scary actually. I always tell them they don’t have to like it or hang it. So far so good. They always do.


I hope and I’m sure I will keep the courage to keep creating and sharing my art with the people I value a lot. It’s easier to give a bottle of wine or buy something in a store, but this way I give them a little piece of me.


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