Back on track! Ready for take off.

So, I joined “the Success team” run by Kathe Shaw-Bassett from Newton. Guess what?…it’s working. I am much more focused and feel a lot of energy clarifying my Coaching, Pitch, target group, busyness plan and actions day by day!

Quarter-lifers here I am.  As a Life Coach I’m coaching Mindful Quarter-Life Transitions. You can call it Burn-out prevention too.

Are you between 25 and 40 and “do you feel like nothing is really wrong , but nothing feels right, either.” Are you trying to do and have everything, but plagued by anxiety, confusion and expectations? What is your inner critic telling you about all the things you should do or what you should be?

Questions like:

Who am I? What do I want? Career or kids or both? How? Where do I want to live? Is this the man of my dreams or not? And if we have accomplished a lot of these things…why doesn’t it feel as good as we were hoping for?

Cannot wait to see you.



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