Battle hymn of the Tiger Mother in me?

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. A lot has happened this Summer. We moved out of our very nice but expensive rental. We spend one week in Bar Harbor with friends, one week at a friends house in Brookline and we finally moved our things from the storage into our new lovely house. One day later our first big trip to the West cost started in Santa Monica! We travelled for 17 days and it was amazing and very intense! Now I’m home and actually getting ready for our trip to Holland next week.

Traveling with my hubby and the kids was fun. In my spare time I read a book about how Chinese mom’s raise there kids and why….so interesting and such an eyeopener.

The book inspired me to kick myself in the butt. I realized that I can do much better with my kids.

So I signed up both of them for a online Dutch school program. I signed one up for a online blind typing class and the other for tennis class. They both play soccer and will join the Girls scouts.
I told them we won’t do playdates during the week. Saturdays will be about soccer games and the Sundays we are free to do what we want!
I am so ready for having this new structure. The girls love it too. So far so good.



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