Blown away by “Ohm”

People who know me know I love to practice Yoga, Meditation and I teach Yoga to children too. What I like most is a teacher who’s sweet and touch, who looks healthy and happy and does not take things too serious.

I know it sounds weird but some Yogi’s seem to take themselves way too serious. I like to leave my practice with new energy and with some sort of compassion for myself and others. That’s why I love Megan of Sweat and Soul Yoga and her HipHop Yoga. It’s fun, relaxed, challenging and it gives me new energy. She makes me laugh and if I ever think about teaching Yoga to adults she’s my inspiration.

Recently my friend invited me to a new Yoga practice. It was a Hot Yoga. Always fun in my opinion. This was in a small space, packed with at least 30 people. At least 4 sweaty men too. With only a little space between the mats there was not a lot of room to spread your arms or legs. I forgot my mat so I had to borrow a mat, which got very slippery after sweating a little. The DownwordFacing Dog was actually hard since my hands slipped slowly.

The best part was the announcement of this very sweet and good teacher Jacqui Bonwell to do three Ohms. You have to know that after 7 years of practice I still feel a little timid and silly doing the Ohm. I get why we do it but still it makes me giggle a little.

She made the first sound …..Ohm….and all of a sudden I was almost blown away by an enormous loud Ohm. My ears were overwhelmed. I had to keep myself from not laughing out loud. This was another experience in America I would love to show my friends and family. Hilarious!

Still not sure about this 200 hours teacher training. The teacher was great. I am just not sure I can lead this Ohm thing. It’s supposed to resonate with each other .



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