Where my feet take me

This morning I woke up early again. Ready for the day without a timer just awake and thinking. Being 40 now hit me all of a sudden. I’m half way my life! That means there are at least another 40 years to go…. Such a long time.. What to do all those years? With this life? With this man? I laughed.

It was not like panicking but it wasn’t relaxed either. I talked about it with my hubby. He knew the feeling too.
Just another feeling and this too will pass. No feeling will last forever. Right?

I was a little restless. At 10 am I walked in my art studio and started painting. The perfect outlet for being restless.

I made a painting of a great photo I found of bare feet. So peaceful. My best work so far on this topic. Yeah!

This night I was thinking about my day and felt not afraid anymore but excited. I can paint for another 40 years and who knows what I can do in the rest of my life? I see a lot of options now. I hope I will remember them tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Where my feet take me

  1. Prachtig schilderij. Je mooiste!

    Liefs Kris

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    Op 25 mei 2013 om 00:23 heeft “Live with Loss Brookline Life Coach” het volgende geschreven:

    > >

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