My new Art Project!

Feet and bare feet will be the topic of my art for the next five years!

This week I decided to gesso all my old paintings to reuse the canvas! Big decision! It felt great! New energy and a clear goal.

I signed up for new art classes at Debbie Putnoi’s ( again for printmaking every Tuesday. Love it.

I think feet are very interesting and they can be very sexy or not sexy too. I associate feet with balance, movement, sensitivity, grounding, mindful walking, sensuality, elegance and fun. A lot to think about while observing, researching, painting and drawing. My imagination goes wild already only thinking about all the different angles to approach a foot. There is the sole of your foot, the heel, the ankle, the Achilles and the toes with the nails of course.
I’d like to thank my old paintings for being so great and making my house look awesome. Now it’s time for a new beginning. I love proper endings and beginnings. The ritual of guessing my art was very refreshing and I was very aware of the consequences. People around me would not understand it and I would have to explain myself. But there was no doubt in my mind. This was necessary for the artist in me. I will paint (bare)feet from 2013-2018. I will learn to get better and know everything about the shape, the shadow and try realistic and abstract too. voeten


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