Where do you feel it?

Queen Beatrix became Princes Beatrix again and Prince Willem Alexander became our new King of the Netherlands today! It was a beautiful ceremony.
I woke up early today and was able to see it all live on the internet. The first thing I felt was my throat. A kind of pressure before you start crying. Weird.
I felt happy for everyone in the Netherlands. So what was this feeling?

I put on my orange cloths and hang the Dutch flag in front of the house. I dropped off my kids in school and felt it again. My throat!

I acknowledged to myself I miss being in The Netherlands amongst Dutch friends and family to celebrate this big event!

It’s not just about Willem Alexander but it’s about having things in common, about my roots, the warm feeling I get from the color orange, about memories of perfect Queens-days in the past and other national events too. It’s about dancing on loud music for hours and drinking beer on a boat in the canals in Amsterdam with my friends in the sun! It’s about a big theater of people dressing up and acting silly.

I love Holland!

So I allow myself to have this weird feeling in my throat, lying on the couch in Brookline MA. What am I doing here?



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