Dancing can be so healing!

Dancing is the best medicine for me. Dancing alone or with others, in the morning or the evening. Dancing gives me back my sense of humor and is comforting too.

I remember dancing with my parents when I was young. My dad is a great dancer and I remember my mom happiest when she was dancing with him. Together they make a perfect couple on the dance floor.

Even if you are shy or afraid of what others may think, you can always dance where no one can see you. Fun. Your secret!

I also love watching other people dance. Love watching flash mobs and dance contests. My friend sent me a fun video on you tube by Ben Aaron. He is shows you how liberating Dance Walking Fitness can be in New York.

My kids love to dance too. I can see how they express themselves and how they copy my moves now. So free and innocent.

I suffered a little from home-sickness the last two months but dancing and hip hop yoga makes me feel so good.

And the spring of course. Spring makes me feel like dancing too.


One thought on “Dancing can be so healing!

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