No more Dutch Queens Day!

I am lost! Today Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced her resignation and on April 30st, her son Willem Alexander will be the King instead.
They also announced that they will even change the date to April 27th in 2014.
I have to say I am sad of loosing this old tradition of celebrating Queens Day in Amsterdam. Those days were perfect to me. A whole day walking and dancing with my friends and with total strangers in the streets or on a boat on the canals of Amsterdam. Perfect happiness to me. I remember these days as always sunny and not too cold.
I bought a live jacket once from a six-year-old, selling his stuff on the street. I had to bargain with him about the price. A very funny kid. Both happy when I bought it.
I wore this jacket for at least 7 years in a row. First because it seemed warm and because of the orange color. Everyone wears orange cloths on Queens Day! It is our national color! I love seeing everyone dressed in something orange and the whole city being orange for a whole day!
Live with loss it is!



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