Errors allowed?

First of all I am happy to say I found myself a job in a classy little coffee shop. You can buy the best coffee and relax just by sitting in this perfect classy atmosphere.  The owner is totally passionate about coffee and it shows. Being a Life Coach I really enjoy seeing people not only being passionate about something but also creating a life around it. He is a bit of a control freak but I don’t blame him. I think it is the only way to make a difference by keeping up the high quality of service.

Maybe he does lack some communication skills though. I know I am a little nervous about this every time before my shift starts. Afraid to fail. I remind myself to think that the worst thing that could happen is for him to fire me. It would be a pity but not the end of the world though. I hope not. I really like the place.

It reminds me of my old fear to make mistakes working as a nurse in the hospital. It is an old strong feeling. The fear of making mistakes with enormous consequences for the patient. I was always very aware of that responsibility. As far as I know no body died because of any of my mistakes. But we do make mistakes right. We are only human.

It makes me laugh knowing that making mistakes in this coffee shop would not have life-threatening consequences…if not for the owner’s heart. It makes me calm and more relaxed and able to remember all the things I need to remember.

Who would like a large half decaf soy Latte to go?



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