My “mood board”

In 2010 I made a Mood Board thinking about moving to Boston. I had several magazines and just sat down thinking hard about what ‘moving to Boston’ meant to me and started cutting out everything that spoke to me in a way. You can do this at home about any topic important to you!


I glued it all on a big plate without thinking to hard or worrying about the result or even judging it. Just enjoying the process of this creative outlet. Before I did it I was not very aware of my feelings about this specific topic but by doing this I sort of found out how I felt about it.

It became very clear to me that moving was not only a little scary and frightening but actually a great way to get to know myself better and allows me to explore my creative qualities too.

This Mood Board is in my kitchen in Brookline. Every once in a while I look at it and so did I this morning. My eye was focussed on a text ” feel connected” somewhere in the middle.This is a very important thing for me. Nothing means anything to me if I don’t feel connected. I am realistic enough to know that it is not possible to always feel connected but it is one of my major goals in life and not feeling it is suffering for me in a way. I laughed about this. Everything in this Mood Board is still up to date in a way. I will never throw it away just to remind myself and laugh some more.

Good Luck making your Mood Board at home! Just try it, it’fun!


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