Lovely day

Today was s perfect day to me. After a workout with friends outside I felt full of energy. Being outside it was only a little cold, sunny and everyone around me seemed to be happy. Perfect.
I might have a new coach client too. Even better.
After this workout I actually cleaned up my house for the first time in weeks. A lot of work but it made me feel good!
To reward myself a little I went to the Urban Renewal second-hand store and I bought eight old records, a shirt for me and several things for my kids for only 30$! Great.
When I picked up my kids from school, we decided to stay to play on the playground for a while. Kids running around and laughing. I was happy to see my friends too.
We drove my husband to the airport and smiled and kissed him goodbye in a lovely warm way.
I facetimed with my friend in the Netherlands for almost an hour without being interrupted all the time.
At diner both my kids loved the food and laughed some more. I played some of the new old records I bought and we all danced.




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