New part of my life

This last few days I have been working in a Cafe that serves the best coffee in the Brookline area. I did not know so much about coffee but I knew I was impressed the first time I had my coffee here. The owner is very passionate about his coffee and it shows. I was so out of my comfort zone. Being out of my comfort zone is not new to me. I do it all the time when I feel that reaching my goal is more important to me than the fear that comes up. Meeting all these knew people, communicating in my second language, all these new procedures to prepare chai tea, home made hot chocolate or to just be a pleasant and functional cashier.

Yesterday we had a field trip to the Berkshires to see the High lawn Farm where the milk is produced by 170 Jersey cows and we visited the Barrington roasting company where they roast the coffee we are selling. It was fun and so good to know more about the coffee. We even had “a cupping workshop” to learn how to give words to the taste and the aroma’s etc.

I got to know my colleagues a little more too. All these very interesting new people I would have never met if I did not work here. Communication is very important in this little but busy Cafe.

I think asking people for help to babysit my children and walk my dog was worth the effort and energy. I feel proud to take this new step forward. I do.



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