My personal experience with Loss

When I was 8 years old my dad had a cerebral hemorrhage. He was 38 and had four little girls. He did not only lose a lot of his health at that point but he lost his job too. He was the owner of a large Plumbers business at that time. The business was sold.

I saw him struggling with his health and his manliness, not being able to take care of his own family. We were a little lost too.

But he is still here! I witnessed him gaining back his health little by little and he did not only recover very well but he is extremely fit now for his age. ” the man” again. We are so proud of him.

I know this made me a better nurse and an expert by experience. At home we learned how to talk about expectations or needs and most of all we learned how to listen to each other. We are a very close family (although I live far away).

I would love to coach families in similar situations.



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