My track

Sometimes you know that you are on the right track and almost there. You can see that it is bright and light at your future destination. And there are some hurdles to take on the way to get there.

Sometimes you know that you have been on this track before. With the same annoying hurdles to take. That’s a personal pattern. Once you see and recognize these patterns you can decide to take the same hurdles again or to change the way to get there or even the road or the tools to get there.

In this picture I can imagine buying a Range Rover would be the most expensive but easiest way. Or just walking. Riding a bike would be an option too but less save.

I just want to show you that making a picture of your future is important. Setting your goal and visualizing it. It make it easier to keep the faith and to not give in to easily. You just need to make good choices on the way to get there and not lose track!!! Maybe you need to work harder but knowing where you are going makes it easier and more fun to work hard. No one else can do it for you and give you the same satisfied feeling when you get there. Trust yourself and go for it.

Once I will be on the top of this bumpy track and I will be able to see what lies in the future for me. Maybe another bump or the beach and the sea!



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